Tuesday, 20 May 2014

When you have three daughters....

You are asked on a daily basis if you are having anymore.

You are asked on a daily basis if you will 'try for a boy'.

You are asked on a daily basis why your other half can't make boys.

You are asked if they have their dad's hair (i am brunette) 

You are TOLD how much trouble they will be when teenagers. 

You are TOLD you HAVE to have a boy.

You are told they will be man eaters. 

Is it just me that gets this?! 
I do not think i can do the smiley polite answers for much longer.... 

All 3 of my girls are also all blonde... so the sage continues! 

Oh my so blonde..... how can i respond to this?! 

Hi blondie... cause that does not sound creepy at all does it old man! 

3 little goldylocks you have there.... erm thanks?! 

S is coming up to 7 so i feel i have done my fair share of nice answers.... It is enough to make a brunette mummy burst! 

Please feel free to tell me what replies you would give! 

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