Tuesday 20 May 2014

When you have three daughters....

You are asked on a daily basis if you are having anymore.

You are asked on a daily basis if you will 'try for a boy'.

You are asked on a daily basis why your other half can't make boys.

You are asked if they have their dad's hair (i am brunette) 

You are TOLD how much trouble they will be when teenagers. 

You are TOLD you HAVE to have a boy.

You are told they will be man eaters. 

Is it just me that gets this?! 
I do not think i can do the smiley polite answers for much longer.... 

All 3 of my girls are also all blonde... so the sage continues! 

Oh my so blonde..... how can i respond to this?! 

Hi blondie... cause that does not sound creepy at all does it old man! 

3 little goldylocks you have there.... erm thanks?! 

S is coming up to 7 so i feel i have done my fair share of nice answers.... It is enough to make a brunette mummy burst! 

Please feel free to tell me what replies you would give! 

Saturday 10 May 2014

May 2014.. Life update.....

Well it has been a while huh... I am really sorry for abandoning my blog, i was really enjoying it, Beginning to get into the swing of using a laptop for more then just Facebook and You tube.  

I have had a seriously crazy last 10 months or so.... If anybody is interested i will try my very best to remember everything that i have had going on. 

The last few months of 2013 are honestly a blur to me, it was one bad thing to another, i crashed into a state of severe depression... i felt like i was existing but nobody could see or hear me, like i was part of a nightmare and i could not wake up or feel anything but pain or a dull ache. 

If you have read my other blogs you will know by now that my Partner's Nan was very sick with her 4th lot of brain cancer... how as a family we were on edge awaiting THAT call, nobody should ever receive. 
I was completely stunned on july 21st 2013, i was just getting to my front door after a hard first day volunteering at a cat rescue.. i desperately needed a shower, when my phone rang. 
My sister's name flashed up on my phone and to be honest i answered the call in a grumpy knackered state, on the other side of the phone i could hear crying so i assumed it was my younger sister, a child like voice cried out.. 'Nanna is having CPR get here' i said ok and hung up... walked into my house and headed for my shower. 
I got half way up the stairs then it just clicked what CPR was... i screamed, startling my kids and partner, i tried to stay calm for my kids. My partner drove the 3 minute drive in less time then it should of taken.
When we pulled up outside  i jumped out trying to read the situation. 
There was an ambulance and a paramedic car.
 I remember shouting out 'what is going on?' and my sister met me on the lawn and told me that my nanna had died, while sobbing and shaking her head. 
I honestly can't remember the next few minutes clearly, but i am told i fell to the floor screaming and crying, my sister holding me as both of our hearts broke. 
The next thing i can remember is my partner holding me, and then me remembering my poor kids were sat in the car not knowing what had happened. 
I quickly told him to take our girls home.
A paramedic attempted to put an oxygen mask over my face, as i was struggling for breath, but i launched it into the road and ran full pelt into my Nanna's bedroom and found my mum. 
We are not really the cuddly type family but we all clung to each other all sobbing heartbroken wrecks for the rest of the day. 
I had some private time with my beautiful nanna who looked like an angel sleeping. 
I said good bye and that i loved her, i told her to go and find granddad and to watch over my family together. 
I begged her never to leave. 

The week that followed were a complete blur in all honesty i was a wreck. I tried my hardest but i could not hold it together for my kids. 
In the middle of the night i walked into my dining room looked in the mirror and cut my bum length hair to my shoulders... i still have no idea why i did that.. i just wanted the weight off of me. 

A few weeks after that Steve's( my partner) brother was getting married, Steve's nan swore she would make it and i am so pleased to say she did! 
She needed a wheelchair and her carer but she had a ball. 
She pushed people out of the way to grab at me for a hug and all my girls bombarded her with love, kisses and hugs. A couple more weeks passed and she lost her fight gracefully. 
It still took us by shock, yet it was almost a relief for her as she hated having to be helped. 

In that time, 'O' my middle daughter also had not one but two diabetic seizures, which scared me more then anything but i feel i handled pretty well. 
The first one she had  her older sister by only 14 months 'S' alert us, at 3 am. 
She ran into our bedroom and told us 'O' was about to be sick. 
We both ran in and straight away i knew she was fitting, bless Steve he didn't realize at first.
I told him to grab my phone and i rang an ambulance, tested her blood sugars and put tiny amounts of lucozade in her mouth while talking to her calmly.. I will never know if she could hear me. 
We also had to comfort 'S' as she  was scared when she knew the ambulance was coming. 
One day when she is older i will tell her all about the night she saved her little sisters life. 
People assume 'O' has it tough being diabetic and off course she does.
 More people need to be aware of how hard it is to be the sibling and have to watch somebody you love go through it every day, while having to be in the background no matter how hard your parents try to not let that happen. I am so proud of all three of my girls. 
Her second fit... again at night.. i just had the urge to go and test her even though i had checked an hour before.
I did the usual routine of creeping into their bedroom trying not to disturb them and sat at 'O's' bedside preparing her testing kit. 
I noticed she was jerking now and again and tested her to find her blood sugars very low again!
I shouted for my phone and again called the ambulance, i caught it early thank god and she was slightly more aware of what was happening around her so i spoke calmly again and promised her i was going to take care of her, which i did. 
I tried to take comfort in the fact that my 'feeling' was a sign from our Nanna's watching over 'O'.
The next few weeks her blood sugars were terrible, but we plod on... 

Since all of the rubbish of 2013, i kept busy. 
I like to think i am a big help of the cat rescue i volunteer at, i now man one of the work phones, and foster a lot of kittens and cats finding them perfect homes. 
I even bottle fed a gorgeous ginger kitten when he was 2 days old and fell in love, he is seven months old now and is completely 'my boy'. 

I passed my driving tests first time and now i never seem to stop! 

Oh i almost forgot i have also lost 3 stone now, I still have a long way to go but i really feel much better for it. 

Our girls are growing so fast, they are becoming lovely young ladies. 
I even toilet trained 'C'!
 It feels like things are just starting to feel good again which is why i feel able to start blogging again. 

Tuesday 2 July 2013

My driving theory test nerves!

Oh my goodness....I am bricking it!
My test is in about an hour, and now I'm starting to think I wish that I made time to revise more.
Me and tests just do not get along, as soon as the word was mentioned in school I dropped out!
The only tests I have ever passed is of the pregnancy variety!

Argh why am I so nervous..
Everybody keeps telling me its common sense....this does not help any!

Focus Jodie.
If my nerves are this bad for my theory I flatly refuse to do my practical!

Sunday 30 June 2013

Pulling my Daughter out of preschool....

So 2 weeks ago, my daughters preschool nearly killed her.
Yes you read that right.
They did not give her ANY insulin ALL day...she is a  type 1 diabetic.
By the time I collected her she had grey skin and blue lips and her eyes were sunken.
I honestly think I got there just in time...
She could not walk, talk or hear me.
I am currently going through writing a complaint, but find it upsetting.

Removing her from pre-school was not an easy decision for me, I try and think of the positives...like they are nearing the end of the school year.

But in all honesty keeping her home is harder then I thought it would be.
'O' used to be seriously shy, I was even told she was a silent mute!
And preschool has helped her out and she has came on leaps and bounds.

Already she is showing signs of being shy again, and it breaks my heart to watch her.
As her mother I feel responsible.
I am trying my best to keep her mind and body busy with tons of activities and playgroups etc,

Has anybody been through similar and have any suggestions? Please do comment below.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

My diet.....

Just a quick upset in-case anybody is left wondering my diet is ok.
I feel back on track and very focused and I have even started exercises again.
I honestly did not realise how much I missed it, and feel a slight obsession starting ha!

Last week I lost 7.5lbs
I do not feel any thinner yet but my legs feel strange today, while walking, lighter I guess?

Still a long way to go, but I'm going to get there I can feel It!

On the 16th of June I tried on my bridesmaid dress for my mum's wedding and I am trying it on again on the 18th of July...and challenged myself to loose a stone in that time..so pretty chuffed with 7.5 already :)

I might brave a picture soon :/

Sunday 16 June 2013

Has started my Christmas shopping!

I know I know.... its June.
I am usually one of these people who want to poke a sharp object into early Christmas shoppers eyes...when did I become one?

It kind of happened by accident to be perfectly honest.
'S' is turning 6 next week.
I have wrapped her gifts ready and then the following day saw a couple of things in the shop, so they have been put away..

Within 48 hours her sisters also had a Christmas present each put away :/ So it has begun.
So the plan is to shop as I see.

Everything bought so far has been on sale to so very handy.
I am hoping by the end of October the kids will be sorted and then I can just buy family gifts and be all wrapped and ready by December the 1st?

Who am I kidding?

Somebody poke me  with a fork!

Have you started?
Do you love Christmas?