Monday, 10 December 2012

7 Day Cleaning Rota....Keep on top of that housework!

Hi again, 
Today i am going to let you in on my secret of organised home...mostly clean and tidy too (if you tell me your coming lol!)

I am always, like a lot of woman writing and re-writing lists of various things, because lets face it if we didn't nothing would get done... like we can depend on these 'men' or something!

My partner works a 8-6 job so the housework falls back onto me which i fine as weirdly most of the time (i said most!) i enjoy keeping it nice.

This starts with our home keeping folder. (i will post more about this at some point).
It is still very new and so i am adding to it all the time. 
But its where we can all go to see what needs doing that day, bills, appointments, activities, cakes sales etc. 

Its like one huge pin board in one folder. But what i want to talk about today is my cleaning schedule. 
I find using this free's up a lot more time so i can spend many more hours with my little girls which is my main aim. 

So to get you started grab a pen and paper and list monday through to sunday. 
On the back of your paper make lists of daily, fortnightly, monthly, yearly. And list things in their right columns. 
So for example washing up is daily. cleaning the windows monthly..paying the car tax yearly see where im going with this?
Then get on the lappy and make a real pretty chart :) 

You will forget things as well so leave space as we as woman always have something to do!

Try and fit some extra things in so for example every friday i 'wash something big' like sofa throws, rugs, curtains :) 

Mondays i do all my paper work side of life...which seems to be a lot recently!

Trust me this works its clear to see what you need to do it keeps things clean and tidy and on top off so there fore free's up alot of your time :)

Good luck and let me know :) 

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  1. WOW you do a lot of cleaning!

    Mine would say...
    Monday - Get hubs to hoover.
    Tuesday - Put washing on
    Wednesday - Get hubs to empty bins
    Thursday - Rest
    Friday - Clean toilets
    Sat - Rest
    Sun - Rest

    Ummm yeah that's about it! Job done! That's all the cleaning we do in our house!