Saturday, 8 December 2012

Diet Failure....i am always going to be 'Plus sized!'

What the hell happened you might ask?

Well the simple answer is i have no flaming clue. 
I have no idea how it started but even tonight i can not stop eating, i'm on a serious binge and i can not seem to stop, no matter who says to or gives me a reason to :(

I am just going to start in the new year....what else can i say i failed yet again. 

Just call me Bridget!!!! 

mmmm Snickers lol!


  1. Im in the same boat. Am meant to be trying to loose weight, but have just had the biggest domino's pizza ever... and now I feel the size of a whale :-(

  2. I have no idea why I have to give up so easily

  3. Small steps will get you there eventually. I have been watching your blog and believe any weight loss is better than none. Just pick yourself up and try again. You will get there don't give up. If its what you want you will do it. These things take time and patience. Good luck

  4. aww thank you :) i will be starting new in the new year now. please follow my blog as that support is exactly what i need! thanks so much :)

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