Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sad news...god are you there?!

Well this morning i have received some sad news.
My partners Nan got rushed to hospital last night and has had a stoke.
 She can not walk.
 They are still running tests. 
That's all i know really.
I am very concerned, i love his nan to pieces and from day one she accepted me into the family and made me feel so welcome, she is brilliant! 
She is a fighter, the day i gave birth to my second daughter she had brain surgery to remove a brain tumour..for the 3rd time! 
She even made the nurses wheel her to my ward to meet her great grand daughter! How amazing is that really! 
She has epilepsy, and half the time she has no idea what she is saying but she thinks its hilarious and mocks herself!  
A couple of months ago she was playing 'don't let the balloon hit the floor' with my girls, and she was diving all over the place roaring with laughter :)
 All this while on Chemo battling brain cancer for the 4th time......
I really love her and so does my partner obviously he is upset, our girls think she is just the bee's knee's! 
She has so much left to give, and she so wants to give it so please...if there is a god out there....please just fix her, give her a break now and let her live the rest of her life, happy and healthy and with her family.
 Let her be pain free, and let her home for Christmas.
Please x x x 


  1. Wishing a special lady a speedy recovery. She sounds amazing. Lots of love to you all and I hope she will be home for Christmas xx

  2. What a lovely person she sounds and quite remarkable, I hope she pulls through for you all x

  3. Thank you both so much, she is doing amazingly well! She is home, walking and talking! i don't know how she is doing it! She starts another set of Chemo very soon x

  4. This is sad news. My mum had a stroke 15 years ago and is still wheelchair bound. My heart goes out to your family - and I hope she makes a full recovery (as MANY do) xxx

    1. Thankyou I will be doing an updated blog later tonight. X