Sunday, 16 June 2013

Has started my Christmas shopping!

I know I know.... its June.
I am usually one of these people who want to poke a sharp object into early Christmas shoppers eyes...when did I become one?

It kind of happened by accident to be perfectly honest.
'S' is turning 6 next week.
I have wrapped her gifts ready and then the following day saw a couple of things in the shop, so they have been put away..

Within 48 hours her sisters also had a Christmas present each put away :/ So it has begun.
So the plan is to shop as I see.

Everything bought so far has been on sale to so very handy.
I am hoping by the end of October the kids will be sorted and then I can just buy family gifts and be all wrapped and ready by December the 1st?

Who am I kidding?

Somebody poke me  with a fork!

Have you started?
Do you love Christmas?

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