Monday, 3 June 2013

'Kid free' weekend away...FAIL!

If you have read my last blog you would of seen that me and the bloke had booked a hotel for ourselves for the first time children allowed.
It was a huge deal for us, as we don't find it easy to leave them.
Well we did it we drove to the hotel, then we did a ton of shopping it was lovely just being us, for a change not being in mummy and daddy mode.
We went for a lovely meal, and had Japanese food.
Another first for us!
We slumped back to the hotel tired out from face paced walking and having to carry our own shopping...who knew I would miss the buggy?!
And then we got the text...everything went downhill...
'O's blood sugars were high and her grandparents could not get them down and they were rising fast.
They don't feel comfortable injecting and from that text on we packed up knowing we would have to go home.
We had been up since 6am and that was after a rough night before aswel, and we finally got to bed at 4.30am- we were then again up at 6am.

At 6 am we got a phone call to be told the blokes Grandmother wouldn't wake up, she was found frothing from her mouth and had been rushed to hospital.
I have also blogged about his grandmother before so if you have not already go and have a read its heartbreaking, and tearing us all apart :(
Well we now think this may be her time, she is in a coma, and the doctors don't think she is going to wake up from it.
She said a few days ago she wants to die now, that she has had enough.
I don't want her to leave, but in another sense it would be the kindest thing for her to just sleep her way to heaven now.
The doctors assure us she is in no pain.
She deserves to be painfree at the very least as this magical lady has taken on brain cancer 4 times now.

So this weekend was a complete wash out, but there is no time to dwell, we have to get up and carry on.

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