Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pulling my Daughter out of preschool....

So 2 weeks ago, my daughters preschool nearly killed her.
Yes you read that right.
They did not give her ANY insulin ALL day...she is a  type 1 diabetic.
By the time I collected her she had grey skin and blue lips and her eyes were sunken.
I honestly think I got there just in time...
She could not walk, talk or hear me.
I am currently going through writing a complaint, but find it upsetting.

Removing her from pre-school was not an easy decision for me, I try and think of the they are nearing the end of the school year.

But in all honesty keeping her home is harder then I thought it would be.
'O' used to be seriously shy, I was even told she was a silent mute!
And preschool has helped her out and she has came on leaps and bounds.

Already she is showing signs of being shy again, and it breaks my heart to watch her.
As her mother I feel responsible.
I am trying my best to keep her mind and body busy with tons of activities and playgroups etc,

Has anybody been through similar and have any suggestions? Please do comment below.

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