Wednesday, 28 November 2012

a simple tummy bug when your diabetic!

If you follow my blog by now your know my 4 year old daughter 'O' is a type 1 diabetic. 
She has been diagnosed for 2 years now!
Well this morning she woke up with higher blood sugars then normal, so i knew something was happening. 
She had an upset tummy straight away and i checked her blood for key tones. 
Having key tones in your blood is dangerous and you can get very ill very quickly and O did! 
She was running a very high temp and her blood sugar levels were rising fast. 
I knew i had to get insulin in her fast and she needed to drink. 
Not the easiest thing to do when all she wanted to do was sleep.
If O was not diabetic i could of gave Calpol, offered her a drink and put her back to bed. 

Instead i had two drinks, and i had to measure how much she drank, and what time she used the bathroom. I had to test her blood every hour, work out how much insulin she needed, constantly carry her to the loo as she was very weak. 

Key tones makes you feel like rubbish, they make you vomit and dizzy, she also had a headache. I was constantly keeping check of what medicine she had and getting it into her as quick as possible. 

All while on the phone to her nurses, waiting in for 5 different deliveries. And looking after my other 2 girls! 

she has had 20 blood tests today. She is my brave little monkey! We are still fighting those nasty key tones, but i am determined to get my girl well and feeling a lot better tomorrow. 

After all that's all i can do. Don't get me wrong i have had a really good long cry today, i have felt tired, frustrated, useless. 

Hurry up cure, my girly and me need a break! 


  1. Awww poor little thing :-( Must be very scary for you both. How is she today?

  2. sorry Laura i have had issues trying to get on my blog.She is doing well thank you still having ups and downs but nothing that cant be expected x x x x