Friday, 31 May 2013

Kid free guilt?!

Me and the Hubs have been together 7 years.
Have 3 girls, the oldest being 6 in two weeks time....and tomorrow we will be kid free for the first time in those 6 years.. Overnight.

I have booked a hotel for the bloke's birthday and we plan to do a bit of shopping etc.

So why before I have even left do I feel so guilty?!

The older two girls have stayed out overnight twice, But my little dot C has never been away from me for more then a couple of hours and only twice!
She is very much a mummy's girl, she is my shadow.
She has eyes for nobody else but me bless her, maybe it's due to our breastfeeding bond, which was longer then the other two girls.
Who knows?
But we are very close, we spend our day's reading, rolling balls, playing babies and doing the housework together, the rest of the time we just snuggle.
I must confess recently on school days we have have even shared a little siesta on the sofa together cuddled up.

I know she is more then happy to play at nanny and granddad's house, I just worry.
Will she think I have left her?
Jeez when did I become so lame!

I will probably end up spending most of my 'child free' time on the phone to them or spending the money I have put aside for me on them....

Oh well!

The mother in law has already asked me not to come home pregnant....what is she thinking?!
Clearly by 8pm he will be snoring and I will be on the phone to mother in law, asking a bazillion questions and making her pinkie promise my child(ren) have not had mental breakdowns without me.

ha! Being a mum eh?!

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