Saturday, 27 October 2012

Let's get messy!

Me and my girls just love to get messy, And i think it has great benefits to!
I think a lot of parents would love to get messy and creative but worry mostly about the aftermath of destruction.
 Us as parents seem to spend our life running around trying to keep the kids entertained while keeping the house clean and a cooked meal on the table...but sometimes we just have to take a step back....

As our children celebrate yet another birthday, its another year where we go to bed feeling guilty that we did not get around to doing what we wanted with our child that day as the hoovering needed doing or the laundry needed i right? 
So instead of going to bed with regrets yet again just change the routine time really does run out and soon your children wont want to play with paint or jump in muddy puddles that time will be gone before we know it.

I try everyday to get creative one way or another and my all time fave things to do involve sensory play, using there senses in different ways, talking about them, learning about them, at the same time as having fun cant be a bad thing huh. 

So today i will tell you all about our sensory baths...

 This is my little girl at 12 months old, i dyed her bath water orange(it was much brighter in real life and dint look like pee lol) using just a few drops of food colouring. 
This does not stain the child, the bath or leave any stickyness :)
I then added plastic shot glasses and straws and she loved it!!! 
We learn't about pouring, blowing through the straw, the colour orange, drinking bath water lol she had a good time. 

Every night i make bath time a fun play and a time to learn and they don't even know they are learning. 
The possibilities are endless have some fun with it! 

Try a purple bath with some lavender oil for extra sensory play and add some purple objects. 

I would love to see some pics of how creative you can get with this :)

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