Monday, 29 October 2012

the 8 week calorie countdown!

Well today on numerous occasions i have been reminded that we are starting the dreaded 8 week countdown to Christmas. 
That is only 3 paydays people! 

It also means that like every year for the past 5 years i have panicked and thought what am i going to wear! 
It is the day where all our family come together and everybody always looks so nice...and then there is me, in yet another frumpy long top with leggings and curly hair.

So i get looking online, like you do and type in the depressing 'plus size clothing' and actually to my amazement  i find some really nice things and they have it in my size....i just do not have the confidence to wear them. 
But logically thinking 8 weeks is not that close and if i really wanted to wear the 'too die for dress' i could probably loose a decent amount of weight to get a bit of confidence at least, so that is the plan! 

Usually us girls wait until the 1st day of the new year to roll around...why wait let's be honest with our self's....why not get an 8 week head start? 
So starting right now i will eat less, eat better and exercise a lot more. 
I am setting myself a little goal of 1 stone before Christmas that's 14 measly pounds...(imagine how easy it is to spend £14) 

Its time 'mummy' does something for herself and stops letting herself go as that is not the person i wanted to be! 

Who's joining me? x 


  1. good luck 1lb a week sounds easy....but its not....hope it workd

    1. Thnks Elaine :) first day done and i did ok :) the exercise was a shock to the system but im working up to alot longer hopefully :)

  2. Hi

    Can I recommend myfitnesspal? It's free and allows you to track your calorie intake, set a calorie target based on what you want to lose, and add in your exercise so you can know how much to eat extra when you do. You can add friends and share, and it's really really good. I use it to track and I always lose more weight when I use it religiously. The first week or two you might feel hungry as you adjust but a few weeks in, if you're eating sensibly, the hunger just goes.

  3. Thank you Kataab i'm going to do that it sounds ace! Im only a few days in and i havent ate great but ive eaten alot less and done exercise every day so hopefully even 1 lb will be gone lol