Friday, 26 October 2012

Life with a Diabetic...child.....

Hi there... Well this could be a long story so put the kettle on and ill jump right in! 

My little O has type 1 diabetes. This is the type of diabetes that makes people need insulin. 
She was diagnosed eventually at 25 months old. 
She has just turned 4 and we are coming up to her 2 year anniversary which leads to a very emotional Jodie hence the need to blog tonight. 

When O was about 17 months old i started to become a bit concerned by the amount she drank, i did not really pay it much attention until i was literally changing her nappy every hour to save it leaking. I took her to the doctors to be told it was normal and to make sure she was eating enough and not filling up on water... i asked for her to be tested for diabetes for the doctor to tell me under 4's cant have diabetes. 

Months past and we celebrated her 2nd birthday, all was well but she was not eating as well as she had in the past and was napping more again i rang for help and they said her two year growth spurt. 
One day i woke up and went in to wake her and her older sister up for breakfast and she did not want to get out of bed, she just cried and told me she was tired so i left her to it. an hour later i brought her down and she drank and drank and drank she would not eat anything..she had not used the toilet so my mother in law said to give her brown sugar in water to drink and she was downing two litre bottles at a time, she would not move of the sofa, no matter what i bribed her with, she showed no interest in anything! By now i was seriously concerned and took her to the doctors again...they told me she had a mental breakdown because her older sister had started school and she was depressed! This ripped my heart out! 

The next morning, as i tried to get her out of bed she told me she did not love me anymore and all she wanted was to go to sleep....i rang my mother in law to collect my older daughter and spent the morning laid in my own bed crying. I snapped myself out of it eventually carried her downstairs but she screamed....and screamed and screamed for hours...she had not slept in nearly 24 hours..she had screamed the whole time...i rushed her to a+e they sent us home with antibiotics for an ear and throat infection. again i asked for THE test to be refused they also said she did not have thrush and that it was nappy rash. 

The next morning after she still had not slept she became very lathargic i could not decide whether she was sleeping or passing out, so i rang my mum to collect us so i could take her back to the doctors...i started to undress her and she was bones...overnight all of her bones were visible and she was never a thin girl......upstairs a toy ambulance was going off for the whole morning(weird much?!) i rushed her to the doctor sat in a chair with her and flatly refused to move until they tested her for diabetes all they had to do was dip her urine! so they did.....5 minutes later we were in an ambulance being blue lighted to hospital with O in my a coma! 

She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within minutes and hooked up to insulin, heart moniters and everything else scary they had she was in HDU. 

Normal blood sugar levels are between 4-8 O's were 39.9...her blood had started to turn into acid burning her organs....

My baby nearly died because the doctors would not do a simple test! 

To say i still get emotional about this is an understatement..i have never and doubt i will ever trust a doctor ever again. 

O is now on pump therapy which i will talk about more in a future blog... but she is very well. 
She is doing as well as can be expected and having diabetes does not stop her doing anything!
 She is a very happy, cheeky, cuddly little girl who loves being diabetic...most of the time, I am glad she is at an age where she knows no different for now.  Here is my brave girl. 


  1. Heart wrenching story, though I'm glad O got sorted in the end with your perservance. You very brave. x

    1. Thanks so much that means a lot to me, O is the brave one she is a superstar! x