Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How do men work?

It seems to me that men spend the little time they have spare where they are not thinking about food or sex (in that order?) trying to figure out what woman want....

But how often do us woman take five minutes out of our busy life's to think about what the men in our life's want really?

Here are my thoughts....

I think men want a lot of the same things as us, they want to feel loved and they need to feel wanted and god knows they need to be told we appreciate them. 

I think men want and need cuddles. men like romance? Hotel stays candle lit dinners or are they just thinking of what comes afterwards? 

I like to think i cover the basics and i always try and make an effort, and i love 'looking after him' do men want or need looking after? 

I lovingly make his lunch for work and add notes sometimes, i always buy his fave things to pack. And i always have his uniform ready for him. 
I cook him nice meals, i book us 'dates' and i always have open arms when he wants or needs a cuddle. 

But i have been thinking lately that now the kids are a little older and i feel comfortable leaving them for a bit, of booking a night away just me and him...but i cant ask him or it wouldn't be a surprise.

So what do men really want? 

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