Thursday, 1 November 2012

Feel better soon/PS thanks diabetes...

The thing about Type 1 Diabetes is...just when you think you have good control...just when your hitting some perfect stable sugars..diabetes jumps up from behind its wet moggy rock and shouts 'GOT YA!'

It's like a cruel game that you can never win, it taunts you for a while and teases and just when you start to relax BOOM! 
That is it you have lost the control and you have to start from scratch all over again...and again and again. 

This is our life every day. 
Don't get me wrong i try not to dwell on the fact little O has diabetes, we try to live as normal life as possible and treat her just the same and i think were pretty good at it. 
I'm also fully aware there are worse things and someone is always worse of. 
But after the last few days all i care about right now is my little girl and i. 

Yesterday was obviously the dreaded  lovely Halloween, now my girls do not have sweets often at all and have a very healthy diet, but being normal means trick or off we went...
Afterwards they both chose 2 sweets each (am i mean?!) i guessed the amount of insulin O needed to match the sugary junk...i was horribly wrong! 

I checked her blood glucose at 9pm and found it to be 13.4 (normal should be between 4-8. But was quite impressed with this, gave her a little extra insulin and carried on with my evening. 

At 11pm O came downstairs asking for a drink, i checked her blood again 25.9!
Straight away i injected her with a good boost of insulin while i changed her canula needle and all the pipelines to go with it, i even added some fresh insulin from the fridge. 
In the meantime O was drinking cups and cups of water and using the toilet to flush the sugar out of her body.
At 1am she was 19.5 so i lifted her up to bed she slept soundly from then, but i was up every 2 hours to check her bloods and take her for a wee. 

I barely slept and when i did i had the worst nightmare which has really shook me up it felt so real!
But soon the alarm was ringing and it was school run time.
O cried the whole walk because she was so tired, we got back she would not sleep but she was not really wanting to play she just laid...staring.
Today her sugars have all been low, so i have been getting her to drink lucozade and munch glucose tablets.
 I have probably tested her finger about 20 times so far. 

Her skin has flared up and her joints are sore, she is complaining of a headache and is really thanks Halloween and thanks even more Diabetes....those 2 sweets were so not worth it...but try telling that to a 4 year old. 

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