Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 4 Of Diet!

Well I am on day four of my diet, and I have made a few changes already so thought I would quickly post them up.

1: I Can not live on smoothies.
I just have not had a spare minute at the moment, and ran out of fruit very quickly, I could not get to the shops due to two poorly children.

2: I have not been eating off a child's plate like I planned.

But I have stuck to three meals a day, and no sugary drinks/caffeine.
I have cut added salt out of my diet ( I usually put salt on everything I eat!)
No take outs or meal outs.
Honestly I don't feel like I am really on a diet yet.

I am looking forward to Monday (weigh day) because I already feel like I am less bloated making me feel like a size 10 already! ( a girl can dream) so I am hoping to off lost my first 2 lbs or so :)

Is anybody else dieting, or lost a decent amount?
What do you do that works for you?

I just want to feel comfortable going out, I want to chase my girlies around and not feel like im being stared at for it, I want to be able to go on fairground rides and I want to start horse riding.

My weight is stopping me doing any of the above.
So bring it on!

To be perfect I think I have about 8-9 stone to loose!
But I don't want 'perfect', as apparently 8stone 3 is my ideal weight for my height! (Screw that and all!)

Before children I was a happy size 10 and I was exactly 10 stone, this girl isn't made to be 8 STONE.

I would be happy to loose 4stone I think :)

But small steps at a time eh!

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