Monday, 20 May 2013

So my diet started (Again) today!!!

Day 1 of my new diet has started!
I have decided I get bored easily... and so I have a game plan to keep it fresh.
So I will be taking it a week at a time, changing things up a bit as I go.
This week I am going in hardcore (GULP!)

Breakfast= Fruit smoothie

Lunch= Fruit smoothie

Dinner= Normal home cooked meal but on a child's portion plate.

That will be it! I am sure I will probably have tears before my 7 days is up, writhing on the sofa for carby goodness... but I am going to do this!

My starting weight is a horrid 16stone11Llbs (Would not even tell my partner this!)

I hope I get some followers along the way to keep me sane as god knows ill need the help!

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