Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Respect Your Elder's?!

So another rant.. yes I'm clearly in one of those mood's this week!

I was always brought up to respect anybody older then me, for back chatting, cheekiness etc.
Well at a young age I just thought,  oh ok... and got on with my day, It wasn't until I had my own children I realised that respecting your elder's is not an easy task!

I have always been a friendly well mannered person ( I think) but since having my first daughter I have learned that sometimes you need to voice your opinion and stick up for yourself.

I have realised that the older generation have very little respect for anyone else apart from themselves and there friends, and that they judge you a lot!
Almost every time I catch a bus, I hear them bitching or saying rude comments directly to me or my children, I used to just smile breath and put up with it...but no more!

A couple of weeks ago I was on the bus with 'C' in her pram, When 'O' asked if she could sit on her own seat, The bus was empty so I  said sure but if it gets busy you will have to sit on my lap.
She chose her seat and sat lovely and quiet like a big girl.
Five minutes later an old lady had to sit next to me (even though there were tons of empty seats) and give me a lecture about how children are so naughty these days.
I politely listened to her as she told me about how she smacked her children and now smacks her grandchildren and it never did them any harm..(did it do them any good?)
She then said ' You should give that one a good smack, for sitting all the way over there!'
'EXCUSE ME?' I replied...' She asked if she could sit alone, and she is sitting lovely, I see no problem with that. She is none of your concern..But since you think its ok to go around smacking everybody... maybe I should give you a smack for being so rude!

Hmm safe to say she soon moved of my seat! How could I possibly respect a woman like that?

Another thing I have noticed old people never clean up after their dogs!
I have a huge front room window, and see this happen on almost a daily basis.
I used to ignore it but now when I see little dotty plodding along with 5 poodles and letting them mess on and around my garden I am straight out there threatening to report her if she does not clean up...its just rude!

Another few examples of things oldies have said to me.

3 kids and your not even married?!
I bet they all have different dads!
you shouldn't catch the bus, why cant you walk!
oh look another mum living off the council.
why does she have a dummy still!
Whoa did you feel the bus move when she stepped onto it! ( don't you just love them!)

The only old people I respect in my life are the people who have earned the right to be respected.

My granddad who is not with us anymore, who fought for our country, who was an English soldier who married my German Nanna and brought her over to England.
 They were married for 51 years before he passed and he gave her his everything.

My nanna who has been through unimaginable things, she had 13 brothers and sisters and was the only one to survive over the age of 18.
 She had her arm broken by a soldier while fleeing her country, she moved to England, and could not speak a word of English.
 She gave birth in a English hospital (if it can be called that back then) not being able to understand a word they said and was treated horribly.
 But she never complains, she is my everything.
 She is 85 this year.

And my partners gran and gramp, his gran is sadly dying (see last blog).
 But damn has she fought hard!
 This is her 4th cancer now and even though it will kill her, she isn't going to give up easy.
She will be being cheeky until the day she goes and even then I reckon she will cause some havoc up there :)
And his gramp for putting up with the little minx! For being there for her over there 60 years of marriage.

I hope my children, grow up to have as many people In there lifes as I, to respect and look up to.
Without them I would be pretty lost!

Do you get these kind of rude comments?


  1. I have always said respect should be earned. Some people are just beyond it. A lot of the younger generation are being brought up by people who don't care and a lot of older people just don't give a hoot anymore either.

  2. I agree, I think the oldies of today, can be as rude as "the youth of today". I put that in speech marks because at 27 I still like to think of myself as young! :)

    1. its scary to think that the 'youth' are learning from the older people though....imagine what the world will be like in 20 years!