Friday, 17 May 2013

Feeling a bit Hmph...

Having a bit a of a dramatic day today..

While walking home from the school run this morning, I found my best friend in floods of tears... (totally expected an unplanned pregnancy!) But I was faced with a different kind of bombshell...

She has been texting her partner's went to far and he had took her phone from her as he knew she was up to no good.
I invited her in and calmed her down with a cuppa.
Weeks ago I noticed she was constantly on her phone, I asked why and she told me who she was texting but told me it was innocent enough.
I told her it needed to stop, that somebody was going to get hurt and the next day she promised me it had stopped...and then this!
After calming her down I sent her home and told her she needs to tell him the truth, and give him time to decide what he wants to do, so she left.

The thing is now I have had time to think I feel really bad.

Should I of told her partner weeks ago? He actually asked her if she was having an affair!
Because she was on her phone so much,  every time he asked who it was she said me!
Cant blame him really but do people think that little of me to begin with?
I am a very loyal person and would never cheat on my partner, We are very much in love and best friends!

Does my best friend not think much of me if she lied to my face, she promised me it was done with!

She says it started innocently, do I believe her now, now that I know what she is capable of?

She also says she is bored, her partner is never home, and she liked the attention, Does that make it ok?!

No matter what this man chooses now, whether to end things, or work it out is their business, I just feel so sorry for him, as he works with his 'friend' on a daily basis!

I cant shake this 'icky' feeling.

Have I been a bad person?
A bad friend?

Roll on 6pm when I can have a cuddle with my partner!


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