Monday, 27 May 2013

Weigh in week 1 results!

Well I was pretty confident I had lost a bit of weight this week as I have tried really hard :)
Had a bit of a naughty day yesterday as we had a family day at the beach, which we all know is packed with yummy naughty's.
But was hoping if I didn't eat big portions and I walked a lot it would burn itself off somehow.
I didn't really eat lettuce (rabbit food) all week, I just cut out eating in the evenings and sugary drinks.
I didn't do any exercise as have been in all week with poorly children.

I lost a lush 5lbs!

So chuffed with that, am very focused.
Taking the dog for a massive walk today, and going to take our lunch with us.

How is everybody else doing if on diets?

First 5lbs off, lots more to go (drop in a ocean comes to mind)
But I will plod on!

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