Thursday, 16 May 2013

Schools....what are they teaching our children these days?!

So I am  walking 'S' to school this morning, Plodding along...
'S' pipes up with 'oh no!
I forgot my skipping rope!'
I carry on walking while rolling my eyes( she has forgot the darn thing every day this week!)
Typical morning right?
So the next snippet of our conversation went like this...

Me:' Don't worry 'S' you can just play another game'
'S':  'Like what?'
Me: ' I don't know, why don't you play hopscotch?
'S': 'Whats hopscotch?'
How does my near 6 year old not know what hopscotch is?!
Am I supposed to of taught this before school start?
 Am I the worst parent in the world?!
I am sure  hopscotch is like day 1 teaching of damn well should be.

Me: ' about 'where Is the time Mr wolf?'
'S': huh? don't know it mummy.
Me: sting ball? Kiss chase? cops and robbers?
'S': We don't play any of those games, we don't know them.
Me: *STUNNED* 'Well what do you play?'
'S' 'skipping ropes :)'

Ignoring her utter cuteness for a second....

How do kids not know these games?!
By the time we got to the playground I wanted to snatch every damn skipping rope, and scooter, and bike, and give children 'proper' toys like chalk and conkers and a tennis ball to bruise each other with!

I guarantee by Monday my daughter will be going to school and teaching all her friends all of these games...that's my weekend sorted eh!

What games did you used to play at school?


  1. Oh thats quite sad! I used to love all those playground games. Especially Mr Wolf- I hadn't thought about that in years, you have reminded me! Thanks for the lovely childhood memories this dreary Friday afternoon!

    1. Thanks for reading :) Your more then welcome! I remembered more last night pogs!!!! helloooo ebay!