Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What i feed my children..

I always like to read about other people's daily life's, especially if there are children involved.
I think we all like knowing what other people get up to, hence shows like big brother being huge hits.

So I thought I would just show you my meal planner for next week for my children.
Obviously one of my children has Type 1 Diabetes, so she is on a calculated diet, and I have to buy in several options.
Also 'C' has a very fast metabolism, and suffers with low blood sugars, so she is on a 2 hourly diet. Extra calories.

So I have one daughter on a low sugar diet (most of the time).
Another daughter on a higher sugar diet.
And another who goes between both bless her!

In our house we have, Breakfast, Snack, Lunch/pudding, Snack, Dinner/pudding, Supper..(also 'O' sometimes has snacks in the middle of the night depending on her blood sugars.

So for Breakfast I like to have a few options in, I love to give my children choice, I think its very important.

So next week on our Breakfast menu's we have:

Pure juices.

I generally give them the choice of these every day, on weekends ill cook them a mini fry up.
Sometimes they just choose 1 item, sometimes they have 1 of everything.
I lay it on the table and tell them to help themselves.
Secretly keeping and eye on what 'O' eats so I can calculate her insulin needs.

For their lunches, (which I personally find harder) i make 3 lunch boxes every day.
I have a blog about our healthy lunch boxes further down my page :)

On my list for next week we have:

Ham salad sandwiches
Pasta salad box
Cheese and salad wraps
Make their own pitta's.

I then add 4 more items( or let them choose)

A drink
a piece of fruit
something to dip(breadsticks, salad sticks, veg sticks etc.
and a cereal bar.

For their dinner's:

Chicken korma, with pasta, sweetcorn and pea's.
Lasagne with broccoli, and crusty rolls.
Beef stew with crusty bread.
Breadcrumbed pork chops, with mash potato, Cabbage gravy.
Minted lamb chop roast dinner.


Banana and custard,
mixed fruit
Tinned fruit and cream.

I hope this has gave someone some new idea's.
I am always looking for new fresh idea's so if you have any leave a comment!
Thanks for reading!

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