Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Baby 'C' her ongoing healthy issues...and progress..

20 weeks ago my baby girl was 10 months old. She was born a healthy weight of 8lb13.5ounces. 
Her birth was amazing...could not ask for any better. Perfect pregnancy. 

When she was 5 months old i started to thinks she was not hitting milestones like her sisters did but i tried my best not to compare. 
At 7 months she just started to roll and sit by herself and i thought i had better get her checked. The health visitor told me she was fine and carry on as i was.
She was exclusively breastfed. 
She slept a lot, and was not really interested in much and it didn't take long for me to take more action. 
One day after she had a 4 hour nap, i woke her myself and she felt really clammy and hot she was shaking and she felt much lighter! 
Please go back through my blogs to see how my other daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes...very similar. 
I ran downstairs and got her older sisters blood glucose monitor and i tested my baby's blood. 
She was 'hypo' she did not have enough sugar in her blood.
 I rushed her to hospital and they weighed her... she was 12lb..at 10 months old she had only gained 4lbs. 
She was admitted and tests were done, she was diagnosed with a very fast metabolism and she now has to eat every 2 hours. This is C at 10 months old. 
Looking back now she looked ill, i can see her neck is to thin and her arms have no fat on them..she was in size 0-3 clothes. 

Here is C now... she is 14 months old... and last month she was 20lb9!!! She is fitting 12-18 clothes! 

At 12 months old i made the heartbreaking choice to stop breastfeeding..
This is a picture of her last ever breastfeed...She is on formula now/still as it was so good for her weight gain i am terrified of taking her off it. 
She is crawling and cruising around the furniture and last week she took 2 steps! 
She has been in hospital again, and ongoing tests seem to be indicating that her body does not make the sugar it is supposed to and she still suffers with low blood sugars even though she is not diabetic. 

C has to have a high sugar diet.
O has to have a diet with no added sugar.

My foods bill has gone through the roof! 
But as long as my girls keep thriving that is all that matters to me. 
Has anybody else been through this?


  1. Not been through this but glad to hear she is doing well now, sounds really scary x

  2. Aw delighted to hear she's doing so well-she looks very happy and healthy.