Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas shaving foam?! Yes please!

Today was the day...i woke up looked out the windows and it christmas! 

Now don't get me wrong i'm not rushing into the attic to get the tree down or's not even December yet after all.

But i do love Christmas and everything that comes with it, all the little crafts and memory's to be made. 

So today me and my two youngest. aged 4 and 15 months decided on Christmas shaving foam play...

How cool does this look! 

All it is is shaving foam, and paint! Cheap and awesome! Both girls had so much fun...First we used a paintbrush and swished it around a bit, it made a marbled effect so we pressed paper on top of it and they came out great!
 I am going to cut them into stocking shapes and put them on the girls display wall :)

Once we were done i thought they could have a little play...well they started well...

We talked about colours, textures, Christmas. 
Then the baby had to go to far lol! 

Nothing a bath didn't fix!