Sunday, 11 November 2012

Confessions of 'The Perfect Mother!'....

A few times now i have been blessed with this title of the 'perfect mum.' These are some reasons i have been given. 

-I do so much with my kids. 

- My girls are all so easy and well behaved. 

-My kids are always dressed well and my house is always clean

- I seem to always know what to do, in every situation.

Here are my thoughts...

Since when did any of the above make a good parent? 
There are much more important things right?
What difference does it make if my children wore rags and were banned from play dough..this would not make me a bad parent surely? 
Whats with all the pressure?

When i got pregnant with my first child, my grandmother said to me, Children need love, Guidance, and stability. 
And now i have three girls i have to agree with her. (to a point) 

Here are my confessions..on this title that i do not deserve. 

- Most days i can't wait for bedtime! 
-I go to bed most nights, thinking how i could of done better. 
-I do loads of arty,messy,sensory play because it keeps my children quiet for hours..literally.
-I have very little patience, and although i never smack, or belittle i am very strict. 
-My kids still backchat, and beat each other up at times!
-I dress my kids well but 99% of the time i look a state!
-I look at other parents most days and think wow i wish i knew what i was doing like they do! 

More then half of the time, i probably guess at this parenting thing! 
The thing is i'm just very normal, I bust my ass doing house work and have a very tight cleaning schedule. 
I'm a very organised person, which i will blog about very soon. 

Who know's what makes a good parent? 
Is there such a thing?
Because some days i think we just have to do the best we can and hope they listen and turn out ok! 



  1. You are a fab mum... Nobody is perfect but I think you're pretty damned close! I admire your organisation skills and often feel bad that I rarely do messy play with Bunny. I worry you don't spend enough time relaxing and having time to yourself, but I can see how happy you are and that's more important than anything. I can see you in ten years time... With at least 6 beautiful children! :-)

    If you weren't the perfect mum, would I be trusting you with the twinnies while I graduate? Only one other person has ever looked after them for a few hours without me! You should be so proud of yourself for the way you are raising your girls. Xx

  2. Dont make me cry! Crikey! Dont feel bad,your wonder mum! I am honoured to be trusted with your babies!