Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 3 Weigh In.....

Well this week by tuesday i was bored of my nutty cereal and pouring yogurt twice a day so a new approach was needed. 
I decided i would just eat what i wanted to see if i could cope mentally.
And i think i did very well.
 I felt in control for the first time. 
This is now the longest i have ever been on a diet without crying or giving up. 
Its the first time i have not had a treat day and told myself thats ok....for some it might be but for me at my size it is not. 

On to the nitty gritty. 

This week i lost 2lb. 
I am chuffed again with this its coming off nice and slowly. 
I will never ever see those 2lbs again( even if i check down the sofa)
Family members are starting to tell me i look slimmer. 
And i had to wear a belt!!! Yes a belt..i think it was the first time..ever. 

I measured myself at the start and even though its been a measly 3 weeks and i have about 3 years to go lol i have lost 3 inches off my waist, 3 inches of my hips and my chest has gone from a 44HH to a 42FF...

8lbs in total does not sound that big a deal but its doing me the world of good! 6lb to go for christmas target! 


  1. Well done! I need some of that willpower! x

  2. You should take a monthly photo - make sure you stand in the same spot and position each time, then when you reach you first goal, you can see the differences and it will spur you on for your next goal. Then when you reach your ideal size - you could post all the monthly photos to inspire others! xx