Monday, 12 November 2012

Weigh in: week 2....

Well the last week i have worked my butt off!
I have even braved a 30 min exercise video....twice!
I have 'played' just dance on the wii with my little sister which in my honest opinion the game should change its name to if you want a heart attack... ARGH! 

I have resisted everything thrown at me cream cakes, fried breakfasts and i have plodded through eating my two bowls of cereal  day and a norml main cooked dinner but a smaller portion...

Just weighed in 4lbs off! Quite chuffed with that and it has boosted my confindence, just 1 more measly lb and then i will hit my half a stone mark which is halfway to my goal...

I'm going to need many goals to shift all this weight but baby steps to begin with to keep me focused. 
I am feeling much healthier already and my trousers are all feeling a bit baggy so hopefully it wont be to long until i drop this awful sized dress size. 

Thanks for the support x 


  1. Well done hun. Keep up the hard work. Your goal from me, is build up your confidence enough that we can go swimming and/or clubbing together! :-) xx

  2. Well done!!! I have just started back! Lost a stone last year of left over baby weight and have not long miscarried so am feeling like I need to focus on me for a while and feeling good. So I need to loose te half I've gradually put on.
    Good luck your doing so well.
    And I love your blog!!! X

  3. Ill do my best emma! will look forward to clubbing lol. Thanks Miss Martha im sorry to hear of your loss, i hope you get your focus thanks so much for loving my blog! thats made my day hehe!

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