Monday, 26 November 2012

Weigh in week 4...!!!

Arghhhh today i woke up scared! 
As soon as i opened my eyes i felt bloated and i knew the dreaded monthly's are due any day now and i just know this makes me a lot heavier.

I was really scared to step on the scales today, i am very nervous that if i get a gain it will make me give up and think whats the point! But i was pleastantly surprised! 

2.5lbs off :)

So that is 10.5lbs in 4 weeks...i think thats quite healthy way to do it :) I am going to push myself hard to get to 14 lb loss before december though! 

14LB(1 STONE) was my target for christmas so i am doing good i think :) just need to keep saying no.

Also has anybody noticed as soon as you go on a diet and it gets public everybody seems to offer you junk and tasty little treats... my mother in law keeps baking for me! 

I take them but leave the blokey and the kids to fight it out....i think she has a secret ploy to stop me getting gorgeous lol! 

How is everyone else getting along?

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