Monday, 26 November 2012

Home made Christmas gift tags that cost NOTHING!

So me and 'O' got busy making our very own gift tags for Christmas. 
I wanted it to be cheap (or free) and simple so little 'O' could actually do them herself mainly. 
We had loads of fun actually and it was a easy way to just sit and have a good chat. 
We also focused on shapes. 

All it took was some shiny card,some funky scissors, a hole punch and some Christmas ribbon. 
I will be making some posher ones myself too at some point,but for the kids they love them! 
Get crafty have some fun :)


  1. I keep a carrier bag filled with old birthday cards and do exactly this for Christmas tags!! The kids LOVE it! So much fun xx

  2. Fab! i keep old christmas cards but i use them myself to make posher ones for the adults pressies hehe! :) x